Great stories start with humble beginnings

Ali Angco is a designer who believes that design should help everyone make the right decisions. While completing her degree in Neurobiology, she traded her lab coat for Figma and never looked back.

Today, she's designing a secure future for merchants at Shopify. In an effort to make the UX industry more accessible, she also teaches at Memorisely.

Ali has worked in industries such as fintech, insurance, and commerce. She is also a design advisor to a handful of Canadian small businesses. No matter who, where, or how, Ali uses her inquisitive and empathetic mind to uncover problems and unlock solutions.

Outside of work, Ali serves as the National Coordinator for SCOM Canada. But you can also find Ali taking care of her small army of houseplants, geeking out about podcasts, or making Spotify playlists with too much James Reid, dvsn, or Ty Dolla $ign.
Ali, at age 4, carrying her baby brother


Dec 2022 to today - Senior Product Designer at Shopify

I joined Shopify to experience what it's like to work on a product with a global impact.

Dec 2021 to today – UX/UI Teacher at Memorisely

I consider myself privileged to have access to various UX/UI learning communities and bootcamps. I want to give back to future UX designers so I joined Memorisely as a UX/UI Teacher.

2022  - Senior Product Designer at Neo Financial

Itching to work on a product that had impact on more users, decided to join Neo Financial to redesign how Canadians manage their finances and spending.

2020 to 2022 – Intermediate UX Designer at Slice Labs

I packed my stuff and moved to Ottawa for Slice Labs. I specialize in facilitating design thinking workshops and redesigning the platform. I collaborate with fellow designers, data scientists, developers, and stakeholders to reimagine insurance.

2019 – User Experience Architect at Akendi

Focused on UX research. I conducted user research interviews, usability tests, and designed wireframes to help our clients and stakeholders improve the experiences their customers have with their products.

2019 – Completed UX Bootcamp at RED Academy

In 12 weeks, I practiced the UX design process and successfully completed 3 client projects.

2018 – Visual Designer at Mavencare

Designed lots of landing pages, digital marketing assets, and print marketing collateral.

2016 – Graduated from University of Toronto

While completing my undergraduate thesis, I realized that I’d rather push pixels than run experiments with mice.
Some of Ali's low-fidelity sketches


2022 – Alpha Theta Delta @ UMich

Careers in Design AMA
A fireside chat where students heard about career paths in UX, startups vs. agencies, and what sorts of skills are needed in design.
Title slide for Pinoys on Parliament workshop

2021 – Pinoys on Parliament

No Mom, Design is a Science too: Using Design for Problem Solving
Design is typically associated with “making pretty things”, but this workshop proves that creativity and science can get along. In this workshop, we’ll 1) explore what design thinking is, 2) understand a real-world problem using design thinking, and 3) solve the problem to serve real people.
Title slide for The Four Step Sketch workshop

2019 – Illuminate Leadership Academy

The Four Step Sketch
If pictures are worth a thousand words, imagine the power behind a sketch. In this workshop, you'll learn about GV's Four Step Sketch and experience how brainstorming with pen and paper can bring a solution to life. No drawing skills needed - just an open mind and enthusiasm.

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