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Leading a creative mission

A sample of SCOM Canada's Figma workshop

About this side project

Create, communicate, chronicle

What is SCOM Canada?

SCOM, SFC Communications, is the creative and communication arm for Singles for Christ Canada. At a national level, a group of talents young Catholics come together to use their time, talent, and treasure to help the community flourish.

What do I do?

Since the summer of 2020, I began to serve as the national coordinator for the SCOM Canada.

It's an overwhelming task. Coordinating over different timezones, with people I haven't met before, with creative skills that I can't do. Just because I can design, doesn't mean I understand the other tools of the trade such as broadcasting, audio mixing, video editing, and more.

More importantly, a national coordinator empowers and nourishes fellow creatives. It's my responsibility to create a place where people are inspired to make things out of nothing. It's my responsibility to remind them they are capable of bringing creativity to the world.

Am I scared? Of course, but I can't let fear get in the way.

Our progress

How it's going so far

Creative workshops

SCOM has a mix of talents. From video editing to graphic design, we saw how everyone wanted to learn a new skill.

We started workshops where members can learn a new skill. Workshops are led by our expert-level SCOM members.

So far, we've done one on Figma and another on events management.

Creating pods

Pods were inspired by Civic Tech TO. I cannot take any credit for this. I loved how they're able to group enthusiastic strangers and build beautiful things. So, I brought it to SCOM Canada.

We're focused on collaboration at a national level. Discord servers and a variety of creative projects keep our team connected and inspired.

Gearing up for annual events

SFC Canada holds their True North Conference once a year. Our goal for 2022 is to:
  • Create a TNC website that handles conference information, registration, and content
  • Build a Tech Team 6 months prior to the conference by choosing members from the pods

What I learned from this project

Change takes time

Collecting pain points is quick and easy, but establishing correct processes takes time. I have to be patient as we try out our new pods and conference initiatives.

Collaboration is at the heart of creativity

It sounds cliché, but it's amazing what collaboration can bring to creative projects. As a national coordinator, I'm quite distant from the craft since I have to manage timelines and groups. But whenever I join the working sessions, I am always amazed by what a group of people can make.

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